Monday, March 29, 2010

How many letters?

When it came time to get my boating license, I signed up for a local class through the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. It was a four night class on boating safety and water rules and regulations. While it doesn't teach you how to operate your specific boat, it does give you a lot of tips for remembering rules and terminology. For example, the green light is on the starboard (or right) side of the boat; the red light is on the port (or left) side of the boat. Green, starboard, and right all have more letters than red, port, and left. Certainly a quick way to remember this important information.

Unfortunately, there was a certain young man in class with me. I'm going to guess that he was 14. This mnemonic device may not be as helpful to him:
Instructor: "Which has more letters red or green."
Young man: Holds up left hand, counts out letters for red. Holds up right hand, counts out letters for green. Confidently he says "Green!"
Instructor: "Well, at least he didn't have to take his shoes and socks off."
Ah, such a wonderful product of the education system. And remember, he may be operating a boat near you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

About Me

So, my husband and I have a Regal 3760. Her name is Luv'n Life III. She's our third boat and our third Regal. Most weekends from Spring to Fall you'll find us on the boat. We love going to Annapolis, Rock Hall (Yay Waterman's!), and St. Michaels. Some of the most fun is when we raft up with other boats in Fairlee Creek (Yay Jellyfish Joels!). How can you go wrong with spending 48 hours straight on the water without setting foot on land?
Now that we have a bigger boat, we've been able to bring friends with us on overnight trips. Sun, beer, food, music, and no where to go - forced relaxation at its best.
Spring started a few days ago but she's not in the water yet. We're waiting on some final warranty work and a fuel gage sensor. Time will tell if the fuel gage sensor was the smartest or the dumbest thing we ever ordered.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boating is a huge part of my life. It's fun in the sun, it's socializing, it's therapy. My goal is to use this blog as the 20% in the chart (reading boat magazines, going to boat shows, and telling boat stories). After 10 years of boating the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland with my husband, I hope to have a few good stories to tell and many more to live.