Thursday, April 22, 2010

She's in the water!

Luv'n Life III is in the water and ready to be moved back to our home marina. After a harsh winter, I'm ready for cruising, boat drinks, and good times with friends.

So many months of being without a boat makes me find other ways to feed my passion. I spend hours looking at boats online (yes the pie chart in the first post is pretty close to being true). While we have always owned a Regal, I have to say that my current dream boat is a Maritimo. I especially love the 48 Cruising Motoryacht. I would love to live on a boat like this one day. I can't say that I'll ever be able to afford it, but as a good friend of mine always said - "Dream the big dreams. They don't cost any more than the little dreams."

Friday, April 9, 2010

Launch Day 2009

Since she isn't in the water yet this year, I have lots of time to think about last year's launch. We were actually able to be there from trailer to water. Imagine a rainy late March day following your boat on a trailer in Kent Narrows, MD. It's really cool to watch your boat being pulled on a trailer. A little scary too.
Gosh she looks big next to that truck.

After traveling for a couple of miles to the public boat launch, we could breath a little easier.
We got her in the water safe and sound and made the trip back to Baltimore.
I don't think we're going to have the same experience this year. She's currently dry docked in Baltimore and the shipyard will probably have her in the water before we arrive. Here's looking forward to a great season.