Friday, April 20, 2012

Floating Wetlands in Baltimore

The recent news has been full of Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts. We've seen Litter Cleanup and Rebounding Crab Populations. Now, a local middle school is joining the fight. They have installed 50 floating wetlands in front of the World Trade Center in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The roots of the plants will provide food for the fish that live in the Harbor. As stated in the article: “They’ll help clean the water, but we have a large body of water here, so more than anything they’re really an educational opportunity.” That may be true, but here's the way I see it -- Every little bit counts. Thanks kids!

Dramatic Crab Populations

"The number of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay has tripled over the last five years to the highest total in nearly two decades. The dramatic rebound was caused by restrictions on catching female crabs imposed by Virginia and Maryland in 2008, according to Maryland fisheries scientists."

Wonderful, wonderful news! You can read the whole article on the Bay Daily.

Seeing news like this makes me hope that even more restaurants will choose to serve local crabs. Click here to see my recent posting about the True Blue initiative.

I'm so happy to see that efforts to save the Bay are working. However, the Chesapeake Bay recently received a D plus rating so we still have a ways to go.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Where is your crab meat from?

"True Blue, a new labeling and promotion initiative from The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), hopes to give restaurants that do use Maryland crabmeat a claw up on those that fill their crab cakes with inexpensive imported meat from Indonesia and Venezuela."
I am excited about this program since I've been trying to buy more local food. I'm hoping that some of my favorite crab houses will be on the list. Anyone else planning to pay attention to this list?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Baltimore has a huge problem with litter. I've watched a 14-year-old kid, standing two feet from a trash can, throw his popsicle wrapper on the ground. The Inner Harbor looks disgusting after a heavy rain. We find ourselves dodging railroad ties in the Bay after a storm. Now, the General Assembly has adopted a bill "mandating that Maryland's largest localities, including Baltimore city and its suburbs, levy fees on their residents to pay for controlling polluted runoff from streets, parking lots and buildings." I'm not complaining about the bill. I want the Bay to be clean. I just wish people would clean up after themselves in the first place.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Home Marina

Doug and I recently met another boating couple at a bar. They hail from Stoney Creek Bridge Marina - which also happens to be one of our favorite places to purchase gas for our boat. This couple wanted a good marina to visit in Baltimore with easy access to the Canton neighborhood. We, of course, told them about our marina and it made me realize that I've never written about Anchorage Marina on this blog.
Reasons to visit or permanently stay at Anchorage:

*541 slips - with that many boats there is always someone around so you'll be sure to make friends (we always miss our boating friends during the winter months)
*A floating pool - they replaced one of the slips with a freshwater pool and it has a great view
*Easy walking distance to a variety of bars and restaurants including (all distances according to Mapquest walking map):

*There is easy access to groceries with a Safeway almost directly across the street from the marina.
*Need a coffee fix? Try the Firehouse Coffee Company (0.38 miles from the marina) or the Starbucks across the street from the marina.
*It's a cooperative marina so you can own or lease a slip - your choice. Slips currently for sail are listed on the marina website.
*Each dock has a security gate so you don't have to worry about random visitors.
*Take a taxi (street or water) or take a longer walk via the promenade to other parts of Baltimore: Fell's Point, Inner Harbor, Camden Yards.

The one downside is that parking is very tight at the marina. We live less than a mile from the marina yet oftentimes have to drive because of coolers and overnight bags. We rarely find a spot in the marina lot but never have trouble finding street parking very close.

What marina do you like? Why?