Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is the official start to boating season on the Chesapeake Bay. We've had the boat out already this year but this was our first overnight trip. We traveled to Fairlee Creek Friday evening and rafted up with many of our boating friends until early afternoon Monday. Boats came and went throughout the three nights and we had up to 15 boats rafted up together in our group. We only knew about half of the boats at the start of the weekend, but we are always happy to make new boating friends. We also had a couple of friends drive out to join us for one night. We love having company on the boat.

Fairlee Creek is a great, large protected cove near Chestertown, MD on the east side of the Chesapeake Bay. There is a marina for people who prefer to dock but we like to anchor out there. Getting into the cove is a little tight and can be hairy when the currents are running strong but it is well worth the effort. Be sure to visit Jellyfish Joel's for a dreamsicle or a rum runner while you're there.

When you get so many boats together, there is sure to be mischief of one kind or many others. Beware of water gun or water balloon attacks. The boats seen here being soaked by water guns later started flinging water balloons in our direction. One of our friends has a huge slingshot which is perfect for a water balloon counter-attack. Okay, so our (and their) aim was rarely on target but it sure was fun.

Be sure to avert your eyes when speedo man strikes his best Captain Morgan pose and rides by on his zodiac. I didn't get a picture of this but I think that is best for all involved.

On Sunday evening one of the boats coordinated a potluck dinner for everyone. It's simply amazing how well you can eat on a boat if you just plan wisely. We had cream of crab soup, jambalaya, meatballs, chicken wings, pasta salad, fabulous desserts, etc. I'm going to have to watch what I eat carefully during the workweek so I can indulge on the boat each weekend.

Finally, a couple words of wisdom:
  • Be careful when you make sangria on your boat. The bilge is not the ideal place for mixing the wine and fruit together. (She didn't intend for the sangria to end up in the bilge but accidents happen.)
  • It is not a good idea to climb the mast of a small sailboat. We saw this while standing on the beach at Jellyfish Joel's. They got it upright again but it still had a lot of water in it.
  • If you don't want to run your generator for AC at night, try placing a fan on the outside of the porthole above your bed. I came back to the boat Sunday night and saw a strange cord hanging down from the ceiling in our stateroom. My husband had figured out a great way to move lots of cool air in and it actually worked.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blue Angels

Our day started with a special treat. When we arrived at the dock, a blue heron was fishing for its breakfast. It stood on the dock, peered into the water for a few seconds, made a quick move, and came up with a fish. Definitely makes it worth getting up early in the morning.

Once everyone arrived we set off for Annapolis. We entered Annapolis around 9:30 am and snagged the last remaining mooring ball. Annapolis is certainly busy USNA graduation week.

The Blue Angels were scheduled to practice 11-1 and 2-4.
The morning started off foggy so they got a late start. In between watching the planes we saw a fun new way to exercise. I imagine that the balance this requires makes for a great ab workout.

At noon, three planes started the show. We were entertained by three planes for the first hour and then two planes for the second. There was about an hour break and then the real fun began with six planes. I'm not typically all that excited about airplanes but the combination of boats, sun, and really cool flying makes for a fantastic day. The noise of the planes (after they pass) is tremendous, while the subsequent silence is almost eerie. My husband caught some fantastic photos of the smooth flying. The trip to Annapolis is worth it, even if you don't have a boat. Plenty of people brought lawn chairs and sat at the end of Dock Street to watch. I hope to go again next year. You should too.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


About a week and a half ago, we took a short evening cruise into the Inner Harbor and saw this:

(Note this image is not from the Harbor. I didn't have my camera with me so I found an image of the yacht online):

All I have to say is WOW!

According to she was built in 2000. She is 175 feet long and has a fuel capacity of 20,449 gallons. Let me just say that again - her fuel capacity is 20,449 gallons! Can you just imagine how long it would take to fill her up.

In 2009 she was ranked as the 49th largest yacht in America.

Also, contrary to popular belief, despite the name Kisses she is not owned by someone in the Hershey family.

I can't imagine ever being able to own a boat like this (or even be able to set foot on one) but she sure is pretty to look at.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

First Crab Feast of the Season

Yesterday, we set out for our first lunch cruise. After sending out an e-mail Thursday morning, we had a full crew within a couple of hours. So, 8 of us set off in search of Cantler's. Doug and I had never been there before but it came with great reviews from a few friends (including one on the trip with us).

I had no intention of getting in the water but it sure was nice to be able to wear a bikini top this early in May. Girls sure think alike. Another friend also showed up in her bathing suit and was excited to see that she wasn't the only one. I sometimes feel strange wearing a bathing suit top in the middle of Baltimore but being near a marina makes it appropriate.

IPods are great on a boat. I have created a playlist of upbeat songs for boat trips. The problem with IPods is that the songs sometimes "record" at differing volume levels. I have to apologize to the whole crew for turning up the volume right before "Love Shack" and blasting out everyone's ear drums. I also have to apologize to the Captain (aka my husband) - the sudden loud noise made him think one of the engines had just blown. Thanks to everyone for the singing and dancing entertainment while underway. :)

My personal review of the restaurant:

The positives
  • It's an easy hour and fifteen minute boat ride from Baltimore.
  • The homes along Mill Creek are beautiful and fun to dream about.
  • The restaurant was very busy yet we managed to score a table outside under cover within 15 minutes. (Normally you would think you would want to be in the sun. This particular May 1 was 90 degrees, we would have been baking within minutes.)
  • FANTASTIC group of people on the trip

The negatives

  • No real atmosphere at Cantler's - just a whole bunch of overcrowded too small tables. (Granted it was one of the first beautiful Saturdays in MD.)
  • While the wait staff was very hard-working and attentive, one person's meal finally came out an hour later when the rest of us were finishing up.


I'll plan to visit Waterman's in Rock Hall or Cheshire Crab in Pasadena before going back to Cantler's. Both of these places have proven to be a great experience and are just as easy of a trip.