Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blue Angels

Our day started with a special treat. When we arrived at the dock, a blue heron was fishing for its breakfast. It stood on the dock, peered into the water for a few seconds, made a quick move, and came up with a fish. Definitely makes it worth getting up early in the morning.

Once everyone arrived we set off for Annapolis. We entered Annapolis around 9:30 am and snagged the last remaining mooring ball. Annapolis is certainly busy USNA graduation week.

The Blue Angels were scheduled to practice 11-1 and 2-4.
The morning started off foggy so they got a late start. In between watching the planes we saw a fun new way to exercise. I imagine that the balance this requires makes for a great ab workout.

At noon, three planes started the show. We were entertained by three planes for the first hour and then two planes for the second. There was about an hour break and then the real fun began with six planes. I'm not typically all that excited about airplanes but the combination of boats, sun, and really cool flying makes for a fantastic day. The noise of the planes (after they pass) is tremendous, while the subsequent silence is almost eerie. My husband caught some fantastic photos of the smooth flying. The trip to Annapolis is worth it, even if you don't have a boat. Plenty of people brought lawn chairs and sat at the end of Dock Street to watch. I hope to go again next year. You should too.


  1. Hi Julie -- Doug gave me the link to your Blog, and hubby Pete and I enjoyed all your posts - especially your latest Blue Angels coverage. We could hear them yesterday, but thanks to you and Doug we felt like we were there. The Angels look like they are standing still - great pictures.

    As an avid life-long boater (and now boatless) I just loved all your stories to date. Keep it up...and a few more boating sayings for you...Red Port Wine! Red Right you're dead (i.e., boat at night is coming towards you). I know...not a happy thought! Hope you guys have lots of clear skies and smooth sailing this summer. Enjoy!

    Marie and Pete Martinez, Kent Island

  2. Marie and Pete,
    I'm so glad you are enjoying the stories. I hope to have many more to share all summer long.

  3. cool - the blue angels thing sounds awesome! glad you had a great time. cool that you are starting a blog - guess you had to find something to do other than read huh? ;-) i am sure i will be checking up on your stories..... sometimes.... i can only take so much before i am overcome with jealousy ;-)