Thursday, June 24, 2010

Atlantic City (and back again) Part 5

We had a reservation in Cape May at Utsch's Marina. I really enjoyed our stay there. First off, when we checked-in they gave us a gift bag with a bottle of wine, biscotti, handmade soap, local maps and info, and marina info. What a nice treat. It also seems to be a well used marina. Our neighbors in the transient slips changed each day as people stopped in during their cruises up or down the coast. I was also impressed that the marina offered recycling (Kammerman's in Atlantic City also had it). They made a big point about the recycling in the marina info they gave us. I have yet to find a marina in MD that recycles. If they do, they aren't very forthcoming about it. Kudos to the NJ Marinas for that.

Cape May is a clean and pretty beach town. Just look at the houses we saw as we were pulling into the marina:

It was about a half mile, but easy and picturesque, walk into town from the marina so we were able to enjoy the boardwalk and shops. We had borrowed foldable bikes from a friend and found Cape May to be very biker friendly.

We planned to stay in Cape May for only 2 nights. That gave us time to see a good portion of town. When the weather started looking questionable for Wednesday, we booked another night. Doug went fishing in the Delaware Bay on one of the Miss Chris boats. He didn't catch anything keepable, but he still had a good time. He even saw two small sharks reeled in by other guys on the boat. I took advantage of the time to relax at the marina for the day and get some reading done. Even without the weather report, it was nice to have one last day of relaxation.

Recommendations in Cape May:
  • If you like wine, visit the Cape May Winery. It's a couple miles from the marina. It was a nice walk and certainly bicycle friendly. I didn't expect much of the wine because NJ is hardly known for wine, but I was pleasantly surprised. They have the right soil and temperature for a lot of good wine.
  • Everyone told us to eat at The Lobster House. We had a great meal there - I had a 2 lb lobster and Doug had a seafood medley. Expect a wait - we arrived at 6pm on a Monday and still had to wait 15-20 minutes for a table. The wait gave us a chance to explore the outdoor raw bar. The guy at the main host station needed a personality adjustment but we were pleased with the rest of the service. An added plus, the restaurant is right next to the marina.
  • Planning to do a little cooking on your boat? Try the Fish Market at The Lobster House. Doug ventured over to find dinner for us Tuesday night. He came back with smoked salmon, shrimp chowder, and fantastically fresh swordfish. We grilled out on the boat and had a nice relaxing evening at "home."
All good things must come to an end. After 7 nights on the boat it was time to return home. With one final picture of the sun rising over the Delaware Bay we set off for Baltimore. The Delaware Bay and the Chesapeake Bay were both choppy that day but we managed to make it home in 5 hours.

Any suggestions on where we should go next year?

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