Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Annapolis and College Football

We finally got the boat back! We finally got the boat back!

So, she was out of the water for many weeks. We usually plan repairs for winter months but sometimes the boat has other ideas. It should never have taken as long as it did to replace the bellows but there was an earthquake, and a hurricane, and a tropical storm, and rain, and rain, and rain, and rain... you get the idea.

Doug picked her up last Friday afternoon and we left for Annapolis early Saturday morning. The Chesapeake Bay is still a bit of a mess. We kept our eyes open for debris and slalomed a bit during the hour trip. With an iffy weather forecast and knowledge about the bay conditions, the only other boats on the water were die-hard fishermen. The result -- water that was like glass.

We scored a prime docking spot in Ego Alley at the very end. I love people watching from the boat, especially in Ego Alley. One small issue with this particular spot in Ego Alley - the ducks! What? Is Julie really complaining about an animal? Well, a bit, yes. The ducks are cute and everyone wants to feed them. That's great. But when your boat is right next to their dinner zone, the ducks seem to think that your swim platform is a great place to hang out. Even that isn't all that bad. The issue - ducks doing what ducks do after they eat - on your swim platform.

But we couldn't sit on the boat all day. We had come to Annapolis to watch college football. We walked to one of our favorite outdoor bars, Pusser's, and settled in for a good game. I realize that "College Football" is part of the title of this post but the game was so bad I simply can't discuss it. At least the Lime Pepper Barramundi Wrap was completely worth it. We also had a couple friends drive down to spend the day so we had a great time (even if the Terrapins threw the game away).

After dinner at Middleton Tavern (a little pricey but great location), we walked to one of our other favorite places in Annapolis - Aromi d'Italia. This place has some of the best gelato we have ever found. We were completely unprepared to see this:

an eviction notice! We've been coming here for years! I peeked in the windows and the gelato coolers were completely empty. I don't think there is any hope that this is a mistake. Maybe someone else will buy the space and open another gelato place? Please?

One final thought on our trip - As we were walking around the docks, we came across these two boats:

Do you think one was purchased during a bull market and the other during a bear market?


  1. When I saw "Middleton Tavern," I got super excited because Middleton is the name of the town where I work and I thought, "Oh my gosh, Julie is here!" But then I came back to reality... Annapolis, not land-locked Madison. Unfortunately.

  2. Well, if I ever do get to Madison I'll be sure to tell you before I arrive. :)