Monday, March 11, 2013

On Boaters

Boaters are some of the nicest people. Maybe it’s the carefree Jimmy Buffett lifestyle on the weekends that makes them nice. Maybe the rocking of the boat turns on the nice switch in their brains. Whatever it is, they are, on a whole, a kind and welcoming group.
Doug and I are switching marinas – more on that in an upcoming post – and I was spending time at the café at the new marina today. While there, I overheard a few people talk about a group going to Little Havana, a local bar/restaurant, each week. After hearing it from two different conversations, I apologized for being nosy and asked about it. Before I knew it, Doug and I were invited to join everyone this evening and I had two new Facebook friends. (Coincidentally, we have frequented Little Havana in the past after Doug’s Baltimore Beach Volleyball games and we’ve been looking forward to spending more time there.)
After a couple hours playing shuffleboard and talking with the group, I am even more excited about our move. I have more new friends and I can’t wait to see them all again when we move our boat. Boaters really are the best.

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