Monday, April 22, 2013

Living the Dream

We picked up Luv'n Life IV on Saturday morning and moved her to our new home. While we aren't completely unpacked, we no longer have to climb over boxes and can see a majority of the floor. I'm also proud to report that I have a little bit of extra room and may be able to purchase a few new items of clothing.

Here are some views from my new home:
The Raw Barge restaurant should be opening at the marina sometime this summer.

The kitties are adjusting well to their new home. They don't seem to notice the slight rocking motion. They haven't been anywhere near the water yet so life jackets haven't been required. 

We celebrated with a home-cooked (boat-cooked?) meal Saturday night including a 2003 bottle of wine that we purchased in Italy in 2008.

One fun note about the new boat -- the "hourglass" refresh symbol on our GPS makes it look like there is a hurricane up ahead.

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  1. Ok, now those are some amazing views. I hope you are getting settled in nicely. I bet your first dinner at your new home was so special. :) I still get so giddy when I see pictures and realize that's your home. I love it! Can't wait to visit.