Thursday, May 1, 2014

And The Rains Came

How many animals do I need for Luv'n Life IV to be considered an Ark? I've got 2 humans and 2 cats. I can probably gather up 2 ducks, 2 pigeons, and perhaps 2 Baltimore kittens (aka rats).

A floating home (well, one that is supposed to float) was looking good to many Maryland residents during the past 48 hours. We have nothing to complain about in comparison to the Florida panhandle but the rain started Tuesday night and didn't stop until early Thursday morning. I'm not talking about nice, gentle rain. No, this was buckets and buckets for hours and hours.

Parts of Baltimore didn't fare so well in the storm. If you haven't already heard, a landslide ate a few cars. Boating friends without floating docks shared photos of underwater docks.
Photo courtesy of Emmett Carolan.
Apparently this Middle River marina does see water over the docks on extreme high tides but this was more than usual. Luckily I haven't heard about any damages to boats yet.

The city is busy cleaning the Inner Harbor, the main tourist hub.
Normally people can walk out on dry land to those pylons.
Parts of the Inner Harbor Promenade are closed as they work on clearing debris.
This was taken Thursday morning. I imagine these cleats along the Inner Harbor wall were underwater sometime Wednesday.
Meanwhile back at Harborview it is apparent that we chose the right side of the marina for this particular storm.
Our side of the marina.
One of the debris fields on the other side of the marina.
The city trash boats will come by and pick up as much as possible. This particular one was a bit of a tourist attraction this morning.
Our main promenade it stationary but well above "normal" flood lines.
The bottom of the wall is normally 2-4 feet above the water line.
In true Maryland fashion, today it is 70 degrees and very sunny. And as a friend recently said, if these April showers are any indication the May flowers are going to be spectacular.

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  1. definitely saw all the damaged areas, and I can't believe the underwater docks. It's crazy, but I'm with you in hopes the flowers in May will be spectacular. :)