Thursday, July 24, 2014

Life on the Docks

When I was in college my social life was rather organic. Yes, there were times when things were specifically planned in advance. In reality, many gatherings were spur of the moment. I would need a break from a paper I was writing and walk into the common room to see who was around. Party invitations would happen on the way to class. And beautiful sunny days were always an excuse to hang out in the quad.

Life at the marina is quite similar. I tend to see the docks as an extension of my living room (or salon in boat speak). Doug and I frequently walk the docks with a glass of wine in hand after dinner. We may run into people to talk to or we may have a quiet stroll. There are many inviting places to sit along the main promenade and people fade in and out of conversations.
So, it was no surprise to receive an invitation to watch a movie Wednesday evening. One boat had purchased a large inflatable screen and another had projection equipment. Sounds like a perfectly acceptable reason to host a gathering.

The screen was set up on the docks:
Apologies for the picture quality.
The screen fit perfectly in between two pylons which also served to anchor the screen in place.

And after a short rain delay, ten of us watched 180 Degrees South. While not a movie I would have chosen myself, I'm very glad to have seen it. The documentary also provided me with a new favorite quote:
"If I don't get on that boat, I know exactly what I'm coming home to.
If I do, my future is unwritten."

Cheers! To a future unwritten!

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