Monday, August 18, 2014

Chesapeake Harbour Marina

Marinas are just like restaurants -- you find yourself visiting the same places over and over again even though there are so many to choose from. Every once in awhile, you venture out to somewhere new and love it so much you wonder why you never went there before. That was the case with our visit to Chesapeake Harbour Marina a couple weeks ago.

Chesapeake Harbour is a man-made basin just outside of Annapolis.
Pulling into the basin.
We were lucky enough to get a spot on the first t-head on the right as you enter the marina (J Dock). The marina has direct access to the Chesapeake Bay yet it's very protected. Even being that close to the entrance, the only movement we felt was from boats entering or leaving the marina.
The view from our bow. We could see the Bay Bridge in the distance.
Looking back into the marina. I think we were the smallest boat in a t-head.
Proud Mary's Dock Bar.
A few boats pulled in along the bulkhead each night and the bar became a busy place.
We didn't get a chance to eat at Sam's on the Waterfront but the menu looked appetizing.
We spent most of our time by the pool overlooking the Bay.
I have to give a shout out to the lifeguards. The marina is surrounded by condos/rentals/vacation units (I'm not really sure the status of the community) so there are lots of kids around. These lifeguards were really on their game and the pool area was a safe and enjoyable area for everyone.
  1. There was an adult swim for 15 minutes every hour. As a child, I hated adult swim -- I would sit on the edge just waiting for that whistle to blow so I could jump back in. As an adult, I see a lot of value in adult swim. Adults without children can enjoy the pool without being splashed. And adults with children get a chance to reapply sunscreen to the kids and maybe get them to eat something during the break.
  2. There was a decently sized shallow area that was roped off from the rest of the pool. Kids had to pass a swim test to be able to leave the shallow area without an adult. The test consisted of swimming from one end of the pool to the other without stopping and then treading water for a set period of time. Since most of the kids were regulars, the lifeguards kept a list of who had passed the test and who had not. I was really impressed with this system. It encourages children to build their swimming skills and creates a safer environment.
  3. The pool water felt extremely fresh and clean.
There was another pool in the community but, frankly, we loved the view here so much that we never sought it out.

There is also a small beach right outside the bay-view pool.
And we got all this at a discount! Baltimore Marine Center has a deal with Trident Marine Group so that BMC annual slip holders receive a discount at Trident Marine Group marinas and vice-versa. It's all part of BMC's loyalty program. Do other marinas offer programs like this?

We found that Chesapeake Harbour Marina is like a cozy version of Herrington Harbour South. It's a little resort community and it's not far from Baltimore. We'll be back!

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