Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Star-Spangled Spectacular - Part 2

The Star-Spangled Spectacular brought more than the Blue Angels. It brought a plethora of visiting ships. I did not get a chance to tour any of these beauties but many were open for public tours. Here is a sample of the floating amazingness that filled Baltimore for the past week.

Tall Ships

Kalmar Nyckel
Home Port: Wilmington, Delaware

Such beautiful details.
I want to drink coffee on the stern of this boat. Even if it looks a bit like Disney World.
Home Port: New London, Connecticut

Gazela (with the USCGC Eagle behind her)
Home Port: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

El Galeón Andalucía
Home Port: Seville, Spain
I'm pretty sure that's not the safest way to add a tire fender.
Naval Vessels

USNS Choctaw County
This massive beast looks more like a building than a ship. Then again, it is an entire "county." The ship looks like raw metal but they said they don't plan to paint her because of the weight of the paint. This 338 foot ship can cruise at 43 knots (that's twice the speed of my "tiny" 46 foot vessel).

Imagine needing fenders this large!
Even if they aren't going to paint the rest of the ship, it's nice to see they are fans of Derek Jeter.

The Choctaw County was well protected.

Private Vessels

Baltimore felt a bit like Miami with mega yachts everywhere!



Anchored Vessels

All Baltimore Marine Center marinas were completely booked for the weekend. I'm sure every other marina in the city had the same good fortune. Those that could not get a slip, or chose to come just for the day, anchored outside the Blue Angels restricted zone for the airshow. Many thanks to my friend Dawn who shared this photo. I've never seen this many boats outside of Fort McHenry.

Stay tuned for one more post this week about the fireworks and festival atmosphere.

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