Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chauffeur Service Anyone?

I sometimes forget just how cool boats really are. While this may sound arrogant (completely not my intent), because I can take my boat out basically anytime I want I forget about the novelty of a boat for other people.

Doug and I had a wonderful experience tonight. A friend of ours bought tickets for a concert at Pier 6 for herself, a friend, and her parents to celebrate her parents' anniversary. She wanted to make the night special for her parents. Since Pier 6 is right along the water in the Baltimore Inner Harbor she asked if we would be available to take them over via boat. We had the evening free so we agreed.

It was a little touch and go earlier today with severe thunderstorm warnings threatening the outing. Luckily, the storms blew through early and we had a delightful ride from our marina to the Harbor. Baltimore is really lovely from the water. I recommend that anyone that visits this city take advantage of the water views - even the water taxi will give you a great opportunity to see this wonderful city.

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