Monday, August 2, 2010

Just Desserts Weekend

Desserts, desserts, desserts, and then more desserts. Saturday and Sunday we rafted up with friends for a Just Desserts weekend. The plan was to have everyone bring tasty, sugary, calorie-filled treats to share across the boats -- I just kept telling myself that calories don't count on the boat. One of our friends is a pastry chef so many of us purchased pre-made desserts because we could never compete with his tasty creations. There were cookies and cakes and tarts and frozen yummies and jello shots (yes, they do to count as a dessert!). We even had some healthy fruit in a watermelon fish: We rafted up directly across from the restaurant at Parkside Marina. It's a quick hour run from Baltimore.
This area of the Chesapeake Bay is pretty clean, however, the Bay does have a natural brownish color to it. Admittedly light colored bathing suits don't stay the same color for long and the silty bottom here doesn't help matters. However, this a very protected area and you can pull up close to shore. It's a good spot for swimming. If you have dogs they can swim to shore to "do their business." Basically, if you're anchored here, the only "dangers" are "alligator log" and random water balloon attacks (fyi - the bar faucet on the Regal 3760 is the perfect size for water balloons):

We had planned to watch the Middle River Dinghy Poker Run but they must have stayed in other parts of Middle River. While I was disappointed to not see the Poker Run, I can't complain about a two propane tank weekend and fun times with friends on eight other boats.

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