Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Naval Ships and Jellyfish

Some boaters really amaze me. We saw a naval ship entering Baltimore on our way to Fairlee Creek on Sunday. The accompanying police boats had to approach boats to make them get out of the way. First off, it's common courtesy to get out of the way of really big boats. Secondly, your boat will have a whole lot more damage than a big metal boat if you collide.

Fairlee Creek is a great place to visit but please remember to follow the "rules of the road" mainly Red Right Returning. Yes, folks there is a reason for those markers. The channel into Fairlee is thin and you will run aground if you don't pay attention. The two boats in front of us were lucky and realized before they got into real trouble.

It's been a long, hot summer. The fact that I was in the water before Memorial Day this year is proof - I'm always dipping my toes in that early but the water is typically still frigid. The delightful summer equals jellyfish now. Very few people were in the water. A couple of us still got in figuring a small sting was a reasonable price to pay for the opportunity to float in 80 degree water. We lucked out and no one got stung.

After a great day with friends we headed back to Baltimore. As it gets later in the season, the sun sets earlier (obviously). I point this out because it gets more difficult to see crab pots against the setting sun reflecting off the water. But we made it home safe and sound and look forward to a few more trips this season.

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  1. Just stop and pull up a few pots and PRESTO... Dinner is served. (All I can think of is Kramer on Seinfeld with the Lobster.)