Monday, June 20, 2011

Anniversary Trip

Ahhh! The Hyatt River Marsh Marina in Cambridge, MD. The pools, the restaurants, the relaxation. Quite simply a perfect way to celebrate 10 years of marriage.

We left early Friday morning with two friends (also celebrating their anniversary - 11 years! - congrats Tom and Amy). We don't often venture down to Cambridge because of the length of the trip - it took us 2 1/2 hours to get there - but when we get the chance it is always worth it. It is attached to a Hyatt and marina guests are able to use all of the resort amenities. There are so many wonderful things about this marina and our weekend there:

*The fuel prices! We stopped at the fuel dock when we arrived and filled the tanks completely. Gas was only $3.99/gallon!

*The pools! There is an indoor pool, a kiddie pool, an activity pool, and my favorite - the Infinity Pool. There are areas reserved for adults. Thank you! And it overlooks the marina.
*The mini-golf! Okay, so it's only 9 holes and not very challenging; but it is free and entertaining.
*The restaurants! We made reservations for Blue Point Provision (pictured below) for Friday night. They recommend reservations and I do too. The resort wasn't very full but 8 pm is apparently the busy time at this restaurant. It probably didn't help that a powerful wind and rain storm came through causing all of the outside diners to run inside. Regardless of all that, we were seated right away and had a great meal. The second night we had cocktails and appetizers at Michener's Library - try the calamari with yellow peppers.*The marina bathroom names! Yes, each bathroom is named after a character or place on Gilligan's Island. I showered on our boat but one of our guests used the marina showers and commented on how nice they were.
*The number of Regal Boats visiting this weekend! I believe there were 4 or 5 Regals there for the weekend. We rarely see that many Regals in one place. We made new friends and had a friendly banter with the SeaRay owners.

*I learned how new pylons are put in place! I've always wondered how this was accomplished. Apparently, this machine is like a giant jackhammer. It just shoves that pylon into the ground. Pretty cool to see. *I started the zodiac all by myself! Doug was playing golf and I decided I would finally figure this out after watching him do it so many times. I crossed my fingers that I would't break anything and went for it. You may think this is a silly thing to be excited about but I've always had trouble with the zodiac. I was super excited to have gotten her in the water and running. I now feel confident that I can do this whenever I want. Doug wanted to join us on the dinghy ride so we waited for him to return from golf before leaving. We took her for a ride through some of the inlets of Cambridge. With the exception of the fact that I managed to get the wet seat for the ride, we had a nice trip. We learned about a new way to market model homes:
And we saw this little guy sunning himself:

*Last, but certainly not least, the company! We are so glad our friends, Tom and Amy, joined us. We had a great weekend with them.

My only complaint about the weekend was that the Blue Heron Rookery was closed to visitors. I completely understand and respect their reasoning and will just have to visit again sometime in late summer.After two days and two nights of laying in the sun we had to return to real life. The ride home was a little choppy but we still made good time and I look forward to a return visit to Cambridge.

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  1. Your trip looks fantastic. I love the pool along the water. So sweet that you all go together to celebrate. Happy Anniversary. And by the way, I love the shower names off of Gilligan's Island.