Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nabb's Creek

A ski chalet on the water?No, just a restaurant.

We visited Nabb's Creek Dock Bar and Grill for lunch with some friends last Sunday. The visit started a little strange: We pulled into a slip and an employee came out to ask the length of our boat. We told him the length and he told us to move because we were in a slip reserved for 40 feet plus. He also told us he would help us get into the new slip. Okay, no big deal, we'll move. We pulled over to the new slip and started to back in but the current messed up the first try and we had to pull out and try again. The employee walked back up the dock and left. At this point I'm thinking, "I'm sorry, what just happened? Didn't you just offer to help? Where are you going? I guess you didn't want a tip." Again, not a huge deal, we were able to get into the slip ourselves, it was just weird.

Then the second odd thing happened: We walked into the restaurant and it was dead. There were maybe six people at the bar and I couldn't get any employees to make eye contact. Finally someone asked if we would like a table. We seated ourselves outside and proceeded to have a very nice lunch. Still, 12:30 on a gorgeous Sunday? Where was everyone? A few people did show up as we were leaving. While the food was good, it wasn't anything to write home about. So, now I'm wondering if we should go back? Nabb's Creek is a pretty ride and the restaurant is in a cool spot, but it lacks people. Anyone been there. Is Saturday different?

We had great friends with us on the boat so we anchored in Stoney Creek for a few hours after lunch. Sunny day, warm water, good tunes. This was the icing on the cake for the day (actually, I guess it was the whole cake too).

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