Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparing for Irene

Hurricane Irene is on her way. I really don't think Baltimore is going to have too many issues but it's always good to have a healthy respect for these storms.

We were planning on having the boat ride out the storm at our marina. Anchorage Marina has floating piers and they aren't predicting a bad storm surge. Our plans have changed based on work being done on the outdrives. AM/PM Marine has been busy pulling boats out all week and they haven't had a chance to complete the work on our boat (you may notice that we only have one prop right now). Therefore, she is still out of the water. We went to check on her early this morning. Here is the before picture:We took down all the strataglass and put up the cockpit cover. On a positive note, this cover will get a good cleaning: She has already survived an extremely rare East Coast earthquake this week. This is just another test in a miserable weather August. Good luck boat!

When the boat was pulled for maintenance, we left the zodiac behind in the slip. The zodiac was simply sitting on the dock:We've strapped it down as well:People in Baltimore have strong memories of Isabel. The city was hit by a 9 foot storm surge. Many parts of Fell's Point and the Inner Harbor were under water. We were docked at the Inner Harbor Marina during that storm and our piers floated above the pylons. It was a scary situation and we were very lucky to be left without damage to our boat. Home and business owners are getting ready for Irene (what is it with "I" name hurricanes and Baltimore?):
This real estate office seems to be prepared to an extreme. Better safe than sorry, but, seriously? Are their windows made of plastic wrap?Be safe everyone! Time to take a nap so I can stay up through the storm.

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  1. Hope the boat survived. I didn't get down to Fells during the prep work in anticipation of Irene, but I'm glad to hear they were taking it seriously. Hope all is safe!