Tuesday, October 18, 2011

College Football in Kent Narrows

After many weeks of cold weather, we had a random warm weekend. I'm a little behind on posting, so those of you in Maryland, remember how nice it was a week and a half ago? We sent out an email and had a full boat almost immediately. 10 people can fit on a 3760 for a day trip - we don't do it very often and had to pull life jackets out of the dock box.

Pussers is typically our favorite college football spot but it was the same weekend as the Annapolis Sailboat Show so we had to find another location. We hadn't been to Kent Narrows in forever and had a great time at Red Eye's Dock Bar.

Beware - It was a little tricky getting into Kent Narrows. I'm glad we followed some other boats in. The tides must be messing with the channel and a new shoal is making everyone go to the outside of the channel. Being slightly off season, we were able to dock right at the fuel dock. We were also the early birds so we had our pick of barstools in the shack with TVs. Red Eye's is hardly known for their cuisine and unfortunately some of the meals with lacking - steak covered in hot sauce is not the best preparation for a surf and turf plate. But the drinks were good and some of our crew participated in their own personal cornhole tournament.And the local wildlife is friendly enough to eat right out of your hand.I think we need to put Red Eye's into our general rotation.

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