Monday, October 24, 2011

Newport, Rhode Island

We missed the Annapolis Power Boat Show because we were in New England for a friend's wedding, but we still managed to find some boat fun in Newport, RI. We went to Newport for the Bowen's Wharf Seafood Festival. If you ever happen to be in the area during this free festival, I highly recommend making the time to go. The freshly shucked oysters and hot clam chowder were exactly like I remembered from my childhood (I was born in Rhode Island). We made the smart decision of getting into town about thirty minutes before the festival started. By the time we left Newport, the festival was packed and the exit off the highway was backed up.While at the festival we saw an unexpected reminder of the fact that we were missing the boat show. We only miss the show for really good reasons - like weddings. In total, I believe we've been to 9 of the last 11 shows.
We found a really interesting boat while touring around Newport. I had to take a photo from a bridge and wish we could have gotten closer. Is it a sailboat with the mast removed?I'd like to add Newport to my list of places to live on a boat but think I will have improve my boating skills. Can you imagine navigating between these rocks to get to your mooring ball? Granted, it was a very windy day, and there are also marinas which I assume are easier to navigate, but the Newport boaters must be really comfortable with their boats.

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  1. That sailboat is incredible! I've never been to Newport, but it certainly looks gorgeous! It's pretty impressive that y'all have only missed two. That is serious dedication! :)