Sunday, May 13, 2012

Launch Weekend

Luv'n Life III is finally in the water. We picked her up in Pasadena on Saturday morning and brought her home. I can't tell you how excited I was to see our marina from the water.
We normally get the boat in the water by mid-April. So, what took so long this year? Well, to make a very long story short, we had to replace our outdrives (no, we didn't hit something). We went from the Volvo Ocean Series to Volvo OceanX drives. Look everybody, Doug bought me something shiny! (That's for all my girlfriends who laugh because I would rather go on trips than receive jewelry.)
It was the perfect weekend for a boat launch: sunny, warm, and windless. We have spent many of our first trips wearing sweatshirts while huddled under blankets. It was fantastic to make this trip in a t-shirt and jeans. With no wind, the trip was extremely smooth. Who can complain about calm waters like this:

As my boating friends know, getting the boat back for the season isn't like buying a new car. When you buy a car, they wash it and it has that fantastic new car smell. Nope, our boat was D I R T Y. When we pulled into the slip our boat neighbor asked if she had been in a field all summer. Saturday was spent washing, cleaning, and scrubbing. By the end of the day our boat neighbor stated that she "looks like your boat again."

Sunday was spent waxing. We do consider the boat our "baby" so it actually makes sense for us to spend Mother's Day working on it. There's even proof that I assisted with the waxing process.

It's easier when the boat is out of the water but we didn't have that option this year. Instead, we spent hours trying not to get our feet in the Baltimore water. We love, love, love living in this city but the harbor water lacks a certain....ummm.....cleanliness. Read my past posts on litter and floating wetlands to learn about clean-up efforts.

Looking forward to a fabulous summer!

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