Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scenes from Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was kind to us - we never lost power at the house. More importantly - the boat is in one piece. We walked down to the marina around 3pm Monday before the worst of the storm. We had added extra lines and everything still looked secure so we trudged back home, hunkered down for the night, and kept an eye on things through the marina website. Granted, we wouldn't have been able to do anything if we saw issues on the webcam - we just wanted to know what was going on - perhaps we just wanted to be prepared for what we would see Tuesday morning.

Here are some scenes from our walk this morning:
This is the gate to our pier. We are on a floating dock. The dock is normally 3-4 feet lower than the brick promenade. The high tide and storm surge is nothing like Hurricane Isabel but still impressive.
The marina was prepared and secured the dock carts.
Downed lightpost.
The wildlife is back.
A bit of water in this well-secured dinghy.
This dinghy didn't fare as well.
Luv'n Life III is floating and doing well. We took down the strata and isinglass and used the cockpit cover for the storm.
It's crazy that I can almost touch the top of the pylons.
This bridge is normally a few feet above the waterline. (Sorry for the blurry spots. It was still raining when I took the photo.)
This is one block from our house. On a positive note - the houses don't appear to be damaged.
They were predicting 8 foot waves in the Chesapeake Bay. 8 FOOT WAVES! I'm seeing scary footage from Ocean City and Annapolis. Friends in Middle River have posted images of their flooded dock. I'm feeling very grateful for my good luck and my heart goes out to those in New York City right now.

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