Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Decorations

It's true. There isn't much to write about this time of year when it comes to boating in Maryland. Doug and I winterized the water sysem last weekend. As much as I'm sure you want step-by-step instructions and photographs, I'm going to provide something a little more interesting.

Like many waterfront areas, Baltimore hosts a Parade of Lighted Boats each year. Some people decorate their house. Some people decorate their boat. Some people probably decorate both.

Some decorations are simple. Some are amazing! And some boats have music and dancing.

One day, Doug and I hope to enter our own boat into the parade. This year we were simply spectators in the large crowd:
I apologize for not arriving early enough to have a prime picture taking spot. Here are some of the boats from this year's parade:
I also found a few boats decorated for the season in our marina:
 Happy Holidays Everyone!

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