Sunday, May 12, 2013

Forget Horsepower...Our Boat is Catpowered

So, Tigger found his way into the engine compartment early this morning. Maybe he has a need for speed and was looking for ways to make the boat move faster? The good news -- he was on the boat and not in the water again. The bad news -- the engine compartment is not kitty friendly. Here are pictures of the oh-so-exciting engine room:
Looking towards the bow.
Looking towards the stern.
People-sized animals access the room through an access door in the floor in the salon:

Cat-sized animals apparently access the room through a small panel on the stairs to our master stateroom:

Sometime during the night, this panel grabbed Tigger's attention and he managed to get it open. As I write this post, Doug is installing a new latch on the panel so Tigger (hopefully) can't open it again. When we were in our rowhouse Tigger loved to climb under the house through the crawl space accessed through the furnace closet. We never allowed him in that closet, he just sneaked in whenever the opportunity arose. His engine room exploration is really no surprise but we certainly don't want him in there. I've heard stories of raccoons or other critters gnawing through electrical wires in attics; we don't want to be the story of the cat who scratched holes in fuel lines.

Who knew that my furry little boy could enter the terrible twos at 13-years-old?

For those of you who are really excited by our boat life, the next adventure will be fixing the leaky clothes washer/dryer. Also watch for a post about dock gardens and new boat names.


  1. Oh man, you're cat sounds like mine! She loves to open doors! Glad you found him though and he wasn't hurt while roaming around and that there were no fuel lines ruined! :)

    Looking forward to the future posts on washer repair!