Friday, May 24, 2013

She's a Real Namechanger - Part 2

Luv'n Life IV is official!

As promised, here are pictures of our boat getting her new name. In the past, we've used a company to put the name on our boat. This was our first attempt at doing it ourselves. The whole process was a bit stressful - would it be crooked? would the letters go on okay? The name can be the first thing someone notices on a boat - I have a whole slide show on this blog devoted to cool names that I've seen. We had to do this right.

First, work with a blank canvas:
Second, check how it's going to look according to the measurements. The letters are essentially a bunch of stickers so it's best to check as much as possible before removing the backing:
Third, spray everything with Rapid Tac. This makes it possible to move the name around a bit before it sets. Remember using rubber cement when you were younger? It acts a lot like that. After looking at it from all angles:
Use the scraper to remove all bubbles from under the letters:
While waiting for the name to set, apply the port of call letters:
Wait 20-30 minutes and carefully remove the backing:

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