Friday, August 2, 2013

July Neighbors

Here is the roundup of our visiting neighbors in July. Which one is your favorite?
"Mia Ragazza"
"Miss Liberty"
"2 Nauti Newfies" - Formula 45 - If you pay attention, you can start to recognize boats on the Bay. This one was directly behind us on the docks in Rock Hall. FYI - This couple does have Newfoundlands but the dogs don't come on the boat with them.
"Cynfully Ours"
"Drifting Profits II" - Regal 4460
"Sweet Pea" - Chris Craft 392 Commander
"We're gellin now" - Meridian 391
"Sea Dancer"
"Aisling" - Gulf Star
"Buoy Scout" - Tiara
"Captain's Choice" - Carver
"Tanquerbay" - SeaRay
"Lots of Life" - Vista Yachts - We joked with this group about the similarity of our boat names and whose was "better."
"Vagabond" - Beneteau 49
"ShipMate" - Tiara
"The Bucket List" - Monteray 322
"Liquid Limo" - Carver 500
"Liquid Limo" (above) are new liveaboards and they have a furry crew member. Unfortunately, they were only in town for one evening so we didn't get to chat with them about their cat's adjustment to boat life.

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