Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Subdued Fairlee Creek

Fairlee Creek is typically a hotbed of excitement -- from beached boats, to boats drifting into other raft-ups, to quiet clam bakes with a group of friends. This past weekend was a bit more serene than usual. Don't get me wrong, Jellyfish Joels was open, the drinks were flowing, the band was playing, and there were friendly cornhole competitions, there just wasn't any real craziness. Where was everyone? We did hear whispers of a Bumper Bash and it's possible people ventured over there. It doesn't really matter to us - anchoring out for the night is a great way to escape from the city and avoid housework. Sure, we can work on the boat anytime, but that would be rude when we have guests. 

We anchored on a single hook - something we hadn't done in a while. When we raft-up with a group we always set a couple stern anchors so we don't spin and get our bow anchors twisted. This past weekend was just us with a couple friends on board and we didn't want to fight with the stern anchor on Sunday. The bottom in Fairlee is soft and silty so it took two attempts before we felt the anchor had truly caught but then we were set for the evening.

We did see a Sharknado:
And THREE bald eagles in the same tree:
Look for the white heads and you'll see them.
We frequently see bald eagles in Fairlee Creek and I recommend that anyone looking for them checks this dead tree first. It is located across the basin from the marina and is a favorite spot for them.

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