Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Lovely St. Michaels

The Chesapeake Bay is full of destinations and St. Michaels never disappoints. We went last year for the Running Festival and this year to celebrate the 5th wedding anniversary of our dear friends on Durrano. Between three boats and another couple that drove in for the day, we had 10 adults and one child - good times!

Unlike our last trip to St. Michaels, we did have to pay attention to the Kent Narrows Drawbridge schedule. I appreciate promptness and this bridge keeps a tight schedule, unfortunately for us, we missed the 10:30am slot by three minutes. No problem, we weren't in a rush, we just hung out waiting for 11:00am. Doug mentioned that he took the time to learn more about how the boat handles in a current while waiting. Over the next 30 minutes, eight boats lined up waiting (five heading southbound and three going north). We were the first boat in the line heading south and we are aware of the "rule" that boats traveling with the current have the right of way in this situation but we weren't sure if the boats on the other side would comply. A kind (or perhaps seasoned) mariner on the northbound side saved us from any worry by announcing over the radio that boats heading southbound were traveling with the current and we should all take the lead. I need to remember that for the future if I'm ever the boat heading against the current.

The parade of southbound boats after passing under the bridge.
At our leisurely 10mph pace, the trip took about four hours but the day was gorgeous and the trip was half the fun.

This town is fun because it is filled with cute shops and restaurants. We were excited to have lunch at Gina's Café again this year. The food is amazing, the margaritas are tasty, and the place is wonderfully eclectic.
The cozy bar.
The fun décor.
This store has something for the cultured and backwoods personality in all of us:
The Preppy Redneck

Yes, those are actual red solo cups on top of candle holders.
Even Eastern Shore Brewery has fun décor:
Dinner was on the water at The Crab Claw. The tide was really high and we were practically in the water:
And, while we aren't sure what this guy did wrong, we had entertainment:
After dinner we had a little fun of our own:
I'm still trying to decide if I should throw this fish back. :)
For those of you following the saga of our cats adjusting to boat life, I did talk to their vet after our trip to Rock Hall. I explained how Tigger has had a rough time when the boat is in motion but that he seems to recover quickly. The vet suggested that we let Tigger get his sea legs naturally rather than medicating him every time we go somewhere. I'm very happy to report that he did not get sick at all this past weekend. We took a leisurely cruise to St. Michaels and he definitely likes the slower pace. While the trip back was a little more rough for him he'll be a sea cat in no time (I hope). And it seems that Latte has found her new travel space - she hung out in this bag on the salon floor both ways:
Yes, boating friends, that is a West Marine bag.

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  1. This trip looks so fun. I can't believe I still haven't been to St. Michaels. I think I need to visit this Preppy Redneck store...cute! You have a great fish, don't throw him back. :) Happy to hear the kitties are doing even better. Sounds like the weekend was perfect.