Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rock Hall

Doug and I celebrated 12 years of marriage this weekend with an overnight trip to Rock Hall Landing Marina on Saturday. We put the word out earlier this week and two other boats were able to make the trip with us (thanks guys!). You really can't go wrong when this is your view.
Yes, that is the Bay Bridge in the background.
The marina is the closest to town and directly next to the crab house. Prices are reasonable at $2.25 a foot on weekends. Unlike last year's early heat, it's just getting warm enough to swim this year so we didn't spend any time in the pool but it is nice.

We have made many lunch trips to Waterman's Crab House over the years but I don't believe we have stayed the night since Luv'n Life II. The town is very small but easily walkable from the marina. Make time (or save up calories) to make a visit to Durding's. This soda shoppe and ice cream parlor is like a step back in time with counter service and amazing thick milkshakes. The red devil cake ice cream and chocolate chip cookie cone were also big hits.
Unfortunately, the shanty-style collection of shops in Oyster Court were all closed because of a dance recital. You know you live in a small town when everyone goes to the recital. While it would have been fun to browse, we simply meandered back to the marina after finding this fun "library" along Main Street.
To me, Waterman's means crabs and hush puppies. Three of us split a dozen extra larges for dinner - they were meaty, easy to pick, and de-lic-ious!

Food always brings people together and boaters have perfected the art of social eating. Even in a marina, we find a way to create meals on the boat and find any seating possible to enjoy each other's company. Picture a tailgate party where people are sitting on chairs, coolers, and bumpers. Seating in our "sun room" includes wicker furniture, a cooler, and the steps up to the helm.

Sandra and James surprised us with bloody mary's:
 To go with breakfast:
We had already attacked the "buffet" before I remembered to take a picture. Eggs, sautéed peppers, jalapenos and onions, grated cheddar cheese, avocado, and arugula on wraps are an easy make-your-own breakfast for groups.
We took a leisurely ride back home on Sunday. The cats both had a rough time on the ride to Rock Hall and the slower pace back seemed to agree with them. I'm going to talk to their vet about motion sickness remedies but it may not be necessary since they recover so quickly once back at the dock.
Big Yawn
Our little contortionist

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