Sunday, June 9, 2013

Funny Misconceptions and a Working Washer

The idea of living on a boat is foreign to many people. I get that. But I still find it funny the questions that some people have about the lifestyle.

I recently met someone whose first question was: "So, do you have an inside?" I can be a bit of a smart-aleck, so I wanted to reply with: "No, we sleep out in the elements." Instead I explained that we have a cabin, AC/heat, electricity, running water, etc. I can only assume that she thought I lived on a canoe.

A friend in the marina was asked if she showers regularly while living on a boat. Um, yes. My Carver 466 has two showers and enough water to last at least 4 days without refilling the tank. I can shower, wash my hair, shave my legs, and blow dry my hair just like a land bathroom. The only real difference is that I have to make sure my water tank is filled at regular intervals. Every slip has water spigot and we can easily refill with a garden hose.

Keep the questions coming; I like educating people about the lifestyle.

On another note, when I die I'll know whether I'm in heaven or hell based on the absence or presence of washing machines. I really despise doing laundry. I hate it even more when it isn't convenient. I've been without a washing machine on the boat for the last couple weeks because of a water leak that we didn't have time/energy/space to address. Instead I've been doing laundry at the marina office.

That changed today when we pulled the washer out of its tight quarters:
The washer is heavy and maneuverability is very limited. We were lucky to not have to pull it all the way out. Doug discovered one hose connection that had loosened and that solved the issue. Of course, it's difficult to keep things secure on something that is constantly moving. Hopefully this will hold for a while.

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