Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just a Random Thursday

Yes, you can create a gourmet meal on a boat:
Squid ink pasta from DiPasquale's, shrimp, peppers, and parmesan from Harris Teeter, and basil from our dock garden:
This picture is a few weeks old. Our herbs have grown quite a bit since.
One small problem -- acrylic glassware is great on a boat since it doesn't break but martinis just aren't the same in a glass that struggles to keep the drink cold. It may be time to invest in stainless steel glassware. Anybody used them before?

The cats are certainly making themselves at home. How often do you get to see your pet through a skylight?
The guest head has an indoor frosted skylight. I looked up yesterday to find Latte laying on top of it.

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