Monday, July 18, 2011

Crabs and Tons of SeaRays

Waterman's Crab House never disappoints! With an extremely full boat we made our way across the bay for lunch. There were 10 of us yet we were seated immediately. Waterman's has tons of outdoor seating, I've never actually eaten inside. There must be an inside part to the restaurant? Oh well, we sat outside on what has been the most beautiful July day I've seen in a long time.Six of us chose to have crabs - YUM! (and very well priced - only $60 for larges). Crabs are such a great social food. It makes me wonder if crabs would ever be a good choice for a first date. What if you find you have nothing in common? If that's the case, you are in for a long night.

Everyone seems to eat their crabs a different way: some dump their shells in the bucket right away -- some create neat piles to dump later. Some scrape off the old bay and don't use it at all(crazy!) -- some scrape it into piles to make sure every bite can be rolled in old bay for extra flavor. Some suck the meat out of the legs -- some just toss the legs aside. Some eat the body first -- some eat the claws first. Hmm...what is the best meat on a crab? I have difficulty deciding. Oh yeah, one more thing, some people just have fun with the mallets:
Apparently, Waterman's also has non-seafood. While it would never have been my first choice, apparently the ribeye sandwich special was quite good.

After a great lunch, we headed to Hart-Miller Island for some more fun in the sun. For any mothers out there -- it took us at least 30 minutes to get to Hart-Miller Island so no one went swimming too quickly after eating. :)

Hart-Miller was PACKED! We happened upon a SeaRay Aquapalooza. The number of boats rivaled Fairlee Creek on Memorial Day Weekend. We anchored and jumped in. You know how normally there is an initial chill when you jump into water? Well, not this weekend. The water felt fantastic and according to one of our passengers it was "very wet." (Uhm....okay)

It's been a long time since we've anchored at Hart-Miller, I had forgotten how much of a current rolls through there. You really have to pay attention and work to stay near the boat. At least we worked off a crab or maybe a beer.

Thanks to a great crew -- including 5 people who had never been on our boat before. It was a great day.

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  1. We had such a great time spending the day with you all on board Luv'n Life III. She was a very welcoming towards us all we look forward to our next adventure! Thanks again!