Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Docked the Boat

How could I have forgotten this detail from our July 4th trip? When we left Sue Creek, I took the helm and drove us back to Baltimore. That really isn't a big deal, I take the wheel all the time. When we got back to Baltimore we decided that I would dock the boat. This IS a big deal. I've been trying to find more confidence in the art of boat docking. That Monday was perfect - clear skies, very little wind, and random confidence. As I approached our slip, one of our boat neighbors came by to help. He's down at the docks quite a bit and will often come by to assist. My first thought was "Oh s%@& now I have an audience." My second thought was "YAY! If I screw up at least there is help." Well, I did it! It was almost a textbook docking. Hopefully over time I'll become more and more interchangable with Doug on the boat.

One more tidbit about this event -- as we were leaving Baltimore, a couple guys on neighboring boats were commenting on the fact that I was captaining the boat out of the slip. I do this almost every time we leave the slip, so again, not really a big deal. But I did make a point of telling them that I also docked the boat after that trip.


  1. Are you and Doug going to have docking competitions?

  2. If the competition is: who looks better docking the boat - sure!
    If the competition is: who docks the boat better - no way!