Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A New Mattress!

Okay - so you may be wondering why you should read this post. "So what, people get new mattresses every day," you say. Yes, however, those people go to Mattress Discounters, pick out a mattress and box spring, precariously tie them to the roof of their vehicle, and drive off. I have a boat bed, therefore, it is an odd shape. There are no standard sizes or shapes. I go to a boat show, pay for half of my new mattress, and go home with a measuring kit.
Portland Boat Mattress has made the process simple and easy. First, remove the old mattress and lay the pattern sheet into the bed frame:
Next, trace the inside edge of the frame onto the template using a black marker:
It's a little hard to see the marker lines in this photo but they are there.
The top part of our mattress has a beveled edge, so we used the handy bevel tool to mark the angle:

We also requested a hinge down the middle of the mattress so we can easily get to access panels under the bed:
If you are really curious about the process, you can watch their video. The pattern is shipped back and a new mattress arrives few weeks later. They even called us and our marina office a couple days before the mattress arrived to let us know the expected delivery date -- very helpful!

After wrestling out the old mattress:
And maneuvering the new one:
We went from this old mattress (No offense against the old owners of this boat, I'm sure they were very nice people, but I was really tired of sleeping on their mattress):
To this comfortable new one:
It's the 9" Latex Supreme Firm and I can honestly say that I felt like I was sleeping on a plush hotel room mattress. It's that comfortable.

And the hinge works like it's supposed to work:
Good job! Portland Boat Mattress!


  1. Very cool! I didn't know this about boat mattresses. So...what do you do for sheets? Are they also custom-made or do you just tuck tuck tuck?

    1. You can order custom-made sheets but we choose not to. I like having a little extra fabric with a top sheet, so custom top sheets that fit the shape of the mattress don't always work for me. A custom fitted sheet would be nice but we find that regular sheets that are "tuck tuck tucked" work just fine.

  2. Julie - Thank you so much for your thoughtful story. We LOVED reading about your positive experience and we think it is great you love your new boat mattress. One of our favorite things is hearing back from happy customers like yourself, it makes what we do all worth while. Thanks again for taking the time to write about your experience as well as sharing it. You did a great job describing the patterning process!

  3. The new mattress certainly looks comfortable! I love the feeling of a soft new mattress. :) I'm just getting caught up on the blog. I've been thinking of you all with these cold temps. I hope your first winter goes smoothly.