Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Boat Show

Every year we venture down to Annapolis for the United States Powerboat Show. The oldest powerboat exhibition in the country, 2013 marked its 42nd year and I highly recommend the show even to non-boaters. I find it fascinating to see how different boat manufacturers use limited space in smart, creative, and luxurious ways. Obviously we were not looking for a new boat but we still had plenty to look at (and spend money on).

We arrived on Friday before the 10am start of the show and found others waiting to enter.
One of the first places we stopped was a mattress vendor. This was an important stop for me because I'm tired of an uncomfortable mattress that belonged to someone else. We tried out the options and put a down payment on a new mattress before leaving the show (more on that once our new mattress arrives).
There are vendors with boat lines of every color imaginable. The sales lady tried to get my attention by pointing out the pink lines; she apparently did not know that I don't do pink. I did suggest that she market the pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
You can pick the perfect lettering for your vessel's name (every girl likes options).
There are shiny anchors for both boats...
And your jewelry collection. Rather than having an anchor weigh me down, I chose a silver flip flop pendant so I can comfortably wear the summer shoe in the middle of winter.
How about a new grill?
Or a life raft? (I like to pretend that the little raft is for pets.)
But don't worry, pets aren't forgotten here.
There are folding bicycles for traveling around new marinas.
And some vendors will do anything to get you to talk to them.
Perhaps having something that only floats isn't enough for you.
There are multiple places to find a little "liquid courage" as you decide on the perfect boat for you.

And, of course, there are boats. Boats on land...
Boats with beautiful green hulls...
And gigantic catamarans available for charter.
For old times sake, we lingered for a bit near the Regals.
The newest boat feature we are seeing is a retractable sun shade. Very smart.
We walked away with a new mattress, propane engine for our zodiac, flip flop pendant, and mini dehumidifier pouches for our hanging lockers. Until next year...

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