Thursday, October 3, 2013

Marine Trawler Owners Association

It has been a busy few weeks in Harborview. The Marine Trawler Owners Association (MTOA) hosted their northern rendezvous here this week. Harborview monitors channel 10 and I listened in as the MTOA docking committee assisted their members upon arrival. I've been to a boat rendezvous before but never one that was big enough to have its own docking committee. I don't have final numbers but quite a few boats made the trip.

One of our transient neighbors is here with the group and I learned that they plan a couple meetings each year -- one in Florida and one "up north." According to the MTOA website, there are over 1,000 boats in their membership pool. Talk about a great way to meet people.

Since most of their members own slow-moving trawlers their mascot is a turtle. There were turtle pins everywhere.

A couple quick scenes from their first day on the dock:

Turtle merchandise anyone?
Show your MTOA pride with hats and shirts. Some of my favorite t-shirts have been acquired at boating rendezvous.
Gift bag anyone? Wish I knew what was in them.
Bringing the beach to Baltimore.
I'm sure they all received this newsletter another way but it was nice to see it posted at the marina office.
The busy week continues with the Annapolis Power Boat Show tomorrow and our annual clam bake this weekend. Watch for posts sometime next week.

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