Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Neighbors

What? Two posts in two days? Well, many of my local friends have commented on how much they like the neighbor posts so here's the September list.

Because of Trawler Fest and MTOA, many of these boats have stayed for a few weeks and we've had the opportunity to meet new people. For me, it's been reminiscent of the friends one meets at an all-inclusive resort -- You spend a lot of time together in a short time period -- Sometimes you make life-long friends, sometimes you just enjoy the company and move on. Either way, it's always fun!
"Just One More" - Cruisers 455 (We had strongly considered this style boat in our live-aboard search.)
"Resurgent" - DeFever (This couple normally docks in Washington, DC, have been our neighbor for a couple weeks, and are attending MTOA.)
"Panchita' - Egg Harbor (This couple has spent the last six year cruising. They started in California and have been through the Panama Canal. When I grow up, can I be them?)
"Aisling" - Gulf Star (Our first repeat neighbors in Harborview.)
"Twilight Star" - Histar
"Step Two" - Baymar 46
"Kindred Spirit III"
"Moon Dance" - Ocean (Our new permanent neighbor.) 
Don't forget about our biggest neighbor, the SS John W. Brown. I didn't get to "meet" them but it was a treat.


  1. I am so behind on everything blog related, but I'm loving these neighbor posts. Each boat is so different and gorgeous in their own way. Umm....that's quite the neighbor you have there with SS John W. Brown. Amazing to have that out your back door! :) Miss you all!

    1. The John Brown has left but it sure was cool having her here.