Monday, September 23, 2013

A Surprise Neighbor -- the SS John W. Brown

After returning from a quick run this morning, I saw an unexpected site -- the SS John W. Brown was docking next to Harborview. We pass by this historic ship all the time as we leave the harbor but never expected to see it on our side of the city. According to the Harborview Marina website calendar of events, the John Brown is being used as a "primary training facility during Trawler Fest and Trawler Fest University" which means it will be here all week.

Take a look at this historic World War II ship:
Her length is 441 feet, 7 inches.
Her beam is 57 feet.
Two tug boats helped maneuver her onto the seawall in front of Little Havana:

Multiple people were needed to handle each line:
Look at the size of the cleat and line needed to hold her in place. I added my foot into the picture for scale:
For even more perspective, here is a picture of one of the cleats and lines holding our boat in place:
I could get accustomed to this view from my aft deck:
And from the top of my dock:
And lastly from the main dock (the arrow points to Luv'n Life IV):

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