Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor Day Weekend - Part 2

Saturday of Labor Day Weekend brought a trip to a new destination. After leaving Seneca Creek, we started our trip across the bay and ran into a couple of friends.
Vida Boa
Almost Home
Rock jetties make for an interesting entrance to Tolchester Marina, but they also help to protect the quiet basin directly on the Chesapeake Bay.
This was our first time docking under cover.

While the cover over the docks has some positives -- you can hang out on the dock even when it's raining -- I don't think I'm a fan. These particular docks were pretty clean so I didn't see any insect or birds nests but there doesn't seem to be any way to keep the spiders away. Less sunshine means you can sleep late since the staterooms are darker but it also means no tanning on the bow. We thought to lower our antennas but many boats hit theirs before realizing how low the ceiling really is. And I really can't help but wonder what happened to the taller boats (like ours) when Hurricane Isabel hit.
The marina is out in the boonies -- no walking into town from here -- so we took advantage of the onsite amenities. There is a private beach.
But we spent most of our time at the pool.
Everyone was going to the bar and bringing drinks into the pool area so I couldn't figure out why the gate between them was chained closed. Perhaps the bar is open to the public, whereas the pool is not? Or maybe it's just for liability reasons?
With so many boating friends gathered together someone had to plan a contest. Behold entries in the crab dip/appetizer contest.

I don't believe there was a clear winner since everything was tasty and a little different.
A couple more fun scenes from the marina:
Lighthouse for remote control boats. :)
So much for those solar panels.
The price is certainly right at this marina ($1.75/foot on a holiday weekend!) and we heard 65 boats came in for Saturday night alone. I'm glad we tried out a new place but I have to admit that it's not on the top of my list of destinations.

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