Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sparrows Point Country Club

You would think after 14 years of boating together on the Chesapeake Bay that we had been everywhere within a 3-4 hour ride, but just as we all get into dining ruts by going to the same restaurants over and over we tend to visit the same places on the Bay. September has bucked the trend by being a month of firsts for us. We visited Tolchester on Labor Day Weekend and ventured to the Sparrows Point Country Club this past weekend.

This new destination is a quick 45-60 minute ride via boat from Baltimore and close to Hard Yacht Café, one of our lunch cruise destinations. So why haven't we been there before? Well, in our defense, Sparrows Point is not a public marina. Since it is a country club, you have to know someone that is a member in order to use the facility. Lucky for us, we have a couple of friends that decided to join in order to use that as their marina home base. Many thanks to C-Dreamer for opening up the invitation a while back - sorry it took us so long to take you up on the offer.

First, how to get there. Leave Baltimore and go under the Key Bridge:
 Go past Fort Carroll and turn to your port side:
Go under the Bear Creek Drawbridge (By the way, I captained us under the bridge -- my first time!):
Through the old railroad bridge:
Past Hard Yacht Café on your port side:
And around the bend to Sparrows Point Country Club on your starboard side:
Once we got situated, our friends showed us around a bit. Look at this cool table made from a boat's swim platform:
I'm sure the pool is quite nice when it hasn't been closed for the season. It certainly has a nice view of Bear Creek:
There is a great fire pit behind the main club building. Real fires are a rarity in my life these days and the smell and warmth were perfect Saturday evening:
There is a dinghy shed:
And a boat ramp:
Plus a golf course:
And driving range:
All in all, it was a relaxing evening on a very social dock. The only "drama" was when the boat next to us was fishing and they caught our bow line by mistake. I tried to convince them to take over the boat payments since they caught a big one but no such luck.

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