Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Prepping for Winter - Part 4

It's not the cold that gets to you -- it's the condensation!

We've been told numerous times that we have to be careful about condensation and the potential for mold during the winter months. Essentially, the temperature difference inside the boat versus outside plus the general humid conditions related to being on the water can cause a moisture buildup on the interior of the boat. One of the worst areas for this issue is the inside of our hanging lockers (aka closets for you landlubbers).

You've probably seen condensation on the inside of certain windows in your house during the winter months. Now picture that inside your closet, touching your clothes, making a general mess of things. One sailboat friend told me that a heroic drycleaner was able to salvage a suit that had been left hanging in the back of a storage locker and was almost destroyed by mold. I like my drycleaner but I don't want her to have to take epic steps to save my clothes. So we've taken preventative steps....

I have two cedar lined lockers in the master stateroom.

(Yes, ladies, that is the extent of my hanging closet space. My husband uses the hanging space in the guest stateroom. It's not so bad once you get used to it.)

My friend, Malcolm, had some extra Reflectix Insulation that he gave to me. The insulation acts as a vapor/moisture barrier that should help protect my clothes. I now have space age lockers:

Each of my lockers also has a Pingi:
Each of these satchels is a mini-dehumidifier that can be recharged in a microwave. When the penguin image turns pink I pop it in the microwave and put it back in the closet.

I'll be sure to check everything a few times this winter and make adjustments if necessary. Many thanks to all of the boaters around us -- they've given us so many tips as we enter the cold season.

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