Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Fun

When you live on a boat you get lots of questions about your lifestyle. Numerous people have asked me about Christmas -- What about decorating? Where are you going to store all the decorations? Eek! How are you going to put up a tree? The short answer to all of the questions is: "Yes, I still decorate for Christmas, however, my style has become very minimalist."

Many moons ago I had two big tubs full of Christmas decorations. I now have this box.
Thanks to Latte for entering the picture and providing scale.
The upper windows in the salon have curtains.
Push them aside, and ta-da! ideal place for hanging ornaments and stockings.

And I found room for a couple other favorite decorations.

Come back tomorrow for pictures of boats all decked out for the Middle River Parade of Lighted Boats.


  1. I'm so impressed how you scaled down to just one box. :) However, it looks so festive and perfect! Are you all here for the holidays? If so, it will be so fun waking up on Christmas morning in your new home.

    1. We will be here for Christmas. :) While I scaled down, I was tempted to look for a "Charlie Brown tree" on the lot next door. Maybe next year.