Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snowy Weather - Round 2

It's been snowing in Baltimore since 9am this morning - light, fluffy flakes that dance in the wind. We are under a Winter Storm Warning until 11pm and temps are predicted to drop to 10 degrees. We've been here before so we are a bit more prepared and got to enjoy the beauty of a snow covered marina.

Luv'n Life IV is definitely seeing her share of snow this season:

I had to sweep snow away from our water and pumpout access.
The wind blew snow right into the aft "sunroom":
So, I used the snow to chill wine for dinner:
Time for fun -- snow angels on the docks!!!
I have to send out a huge kudos to the dock staff at Harborview. They were clearing snow all day. I personally swept snow from our swim platform 4 times today, so imagine clearing an entire marina with winds blowing snow right back to every spot. We may not be in sunny Florida but we are in one of the best spots for winter liveaboard life.


  1. Love the wine cooler - perfect! :) Keep warm, and goodness I haven't done a snow angel in years - fun!

    1. I also haven't done a snow angel in ages -- just seemed so appropriate that night. :)