Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Most Wonderful of Days

I saw the most glorious sight today:

Running water! As much as I want!

After 106 days of rationed water the pipes are back in service. (We had a couple super cold November days that limited access but it was officially turned off for the season in December.) I found out the good news as I was walking to the marina office with a bag of shower supplies that I planned to leave in a locker while I went for a run. I returned my bag to the boat knowing that a long, hot shower was waiting on board.

I texted Doug with the good news, went for my run (half-marathon training does not wait for running water), and then hooked up the hose to fill the tank. I've already taken advantage of the situation by washing a load of towels on the boat. After four months without being used, I was a little wary of the washer and figured towels were the easiest items to replace if necessary. Never fear -- the towels are now clean and fluffy.

Unfortunately, this winter was not so kind to everyone. Of the 12 docks only 5 currently have water (lucky us!). I'm sure the fabulous marina staff will be working hard to fix any and all leaks in order to get everyone up and running as soon as possible.

The good news doesn't stop there -- we are using reverse cycle heat again! (For you land-lubbers, that's basically my central HVAC.) We've been using electric heat since mid-December and I forgot how luxuriously warm the regular heat can be.

Even the ducks are enjoying this change in the weather. Personally, I think they are taking this mating/courting dance a bit far. Seriously guys, since when is it cool to stand on the highest thing in the marina?

This last picture was on top of our boat. I could hear them splut-splut-splutting on top of the canvas.

Ah well, Milton may have written about Paradise Lost. I'm most interested in Paradise Re-Found.

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