Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Virtual Assistance

Doug and I have been boating together for 14 years. We were also both lucky enough to be raised around boats. Therefore, we know everything there is to know about living aboard. NOT!

We have a fantastic community at our marina but there are also online forums for help.

There are Facebook groups where people can post questions or just brag about the fabulous weather at their port.

Live Aboard Boats: "Welcome aboard, this room is for all that live aboard, or hope to one day. We are here for fun, ...facts and camaraderie. The admins of the room are always available for any questions, or concerns. Disrespect, offensive or rude comment's will have you put ashore. So here is to us.. come and enjoy......"

Active Captain: "Active Captain is an online nautical resource providing marina, anchorage, hazard, and local kno...wledge data. The data is integrated into more than 20 navigation products and can be accessed on the ActiveCaptain website. There is no cost for using or contributing to ActiveCaptain."

There are Facebook pages:

The Boat Galley: "Over 600 in-depth articles featuring practical galley tips, insights and equipment recommendations."

Leap of Faith / Quit Your Job and Live on a Boat: "They gave up everything and now they have it all. Follow them as they leave the working world behind and become carefree boat bums and beachcombers. Read how one couple got rid of all their belongings, quit their jobs, and moved onto a boat."

I also follow a few blogs:

The Trawler Beach House: They have been living aboard for 17 years and have great information about various ports. I am very excited about their book that is due out in April: The Great Book Of Anchorages, The Chesapeake Bay.

Zero to Cruising: which is a blog by a couple that was new to boating and took the plunge.

I'm sure that I'm missing a boatload (pun intended) of fabulous online resources. What are your favorites?


  1. I love that there is such an active community and so many social sites to get information, as I know I would need it all. :) And 17 years for that one!

  2. I'm going to post something to the Live Aboard Boats forum to see who's been living aboard the longest. Let's see if we can find someone above 17 years.

  3. Many thanks for the kind words on our blog, Trawler Beach House, and the note on our Chesapeake Bay anchorage book. The printer was faster than we expected and just wanted to let you know, the books are available and are shipping now. Good luck to you and we hope all of your plans work out. See you on the water. Chuck and Susan