Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Home Improvements

Now that we've been aboard for almost a year, we are ready to start making subtle changes to Luv'n Life IV based on personal preference, practical use of space, and things that need fixed. For example, our master stateroom had this stereo under the TV:
I love music more than the average person but I do not own any cassettes or CDs so this unit was all but useless to me. And since space is at a premium we could surely find a better use for the space. We took off the cover...
And discovered that the stereo and speakers were glued and strapped down but managed to remove them. Yuck! 10 year old dust!
Once everything was cleaned up it was like a beautiful, expansive piece of new real estate...
That was just the perfect size for the printer.
But the project didn't quite look complete. So we took the old cover:
And cut out the middle to create a "frame."
Part entertainment, part office, all practical:
Things also break on a 10-year-old boat. Doug tried but the leaky cold water faucet in the master head did not want to be fixed. We got to the point where we would only use hot water so we wouldn't have to mess with it. I don't mind brushing my teeth in warm water but found it mighty difficult to wash my face in water so hot I could barely touch it. (Plus, I really didn't like the gold accents on the current faucet and couldn't wait to switch it out.)
Luckily it came out just like the faucet in a house and we have a lovely, new, fully functional faucet.
Living on a boat isn't that different from living on land.

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  1. Amazing home improvement I can see. and yes you are right. Living on a boat isn't that different from living on land.