Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Using Space Effectively

We all know there is limited space on a boat. Everything must have a space or things can get cluttered quickly. It's not like I can go buy a new storage cabinet so I have to use space creatively.

Making Best Use of the Space Provided
Boat designers are pretty good at making the most of every nook, cranny, and corner. If a space is available it is finished off and given a door.

Last week I showed you how we adjusted the stereo space in the master stateroom into a place for our printer. Underneath that spot is a very large space.
On the positive side it's a lot of space. On the negative side it's almost unruly. Clothes on the bottom would get lost in a mountainous pile. But I've figured out how to keep 23 pairs of shoes (relatively) organized in the space.
Both closets in the master stateroom have two bars on the inside of the doors.
Those bars are perfect for belts:
Or scarves:
Lastly, the large mirror in the guest stateroom...
Opens to reveal a cavernous "medicine cabinet" that holds our beach towels, extra bath towels, and toilet paper.

Repurposing Space
While boat designers have tons of great ideas some of them just don't fit our needs so we use some spaces a little differently than originally intended.

We have a little cabinet on the stairway into the master stateroom. It was originally used for the central vacuum but we use a dust buster instead. So this empty space:
Became the perfect linen closet.
You could say that I only need one set of sheets (the ones currently on the bed) but a girl needs flannel sheets! Remember how cold it got this winter.
The galley has a dedicated space for a coffee maker. They thought of everything -- there is an outlet inside the space.
Small problem - I don't drink coffee. Doug does but we rarely need an entire pot. Pull out the coffee maker, add a cabinet organizer.
And the space becomes a spice rack.
When we are underway, a cooling rack and bottle of dish detergent acts as a makeshift cabinet door.
The window wells in the salon could be seen as dead space but they are just the right size for storing my yoga mat.
Or for a cat sunning himself.
Additional Storage
We brought only two pieces of furniture with us onto the boat. Both pieces that made the cut have storage space. My hope chest serves double duty as coffee table and storage.
This little ottoman:
Holds tealights, votives, and a couple small games.

I'm open to new suggestions. What tricks have you found for making the best use of space in your home?

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