Friday, November 28, 2014

Last Trip of the Season

Unlike southern liveaboards, there comes a time when we must winterize our engines in preparation for the cold season. But we made sure to get one last trip in last weekend.

We watched the weather closely all week hoping that the rainy forecast would change. By Thursday the weather looked promising and we finalized plans for Luv'n Life IV and Grand Passion to make the trip to Annapolis for the weekend.

The first half of the trip was relatively uneventful. Then we hit the Bay Bridge and it was like a completely different Bay. We are accustomed to things getting a little rough around the Bridge but this time was different. The tide was coming in. The wind was coming up the bay. We were hitting waves and throwing water over our helm canvas. The worst part -- both cats were very unhappy. I spent a majority of the second half of the trip cleaning up after the cats. We slowly motored at 7 mph for the remainder of the trip.

Ego Alley is full with winter storage/liveaboards so we made a reservation at Annapolis Yacht Basin. We radioed in for our slip assignment and they told us we would be pulling bow in and tying off on the port side. Bow in? This was new. But we were too exhausted to argue.

Once we got to our slip we discovered why. The slip was HUGE! They could have fit three of us in that one slip and they figured we would want the view off the stern.
We don't look too bad from the stern.
Then again, maybe we are super tiny in this slip.
The Marina is on the opposite side of the Marriott and Pussers from Ego Alley. In other words, it was still very convenient for our needs -- one last round of Painkillers from Pussers, one last round of oyster shooters for Middleton's, and a bit of shopping on Main Street.

The ride home on Sunday was just about as perfect as it gets. The seas were calm -- almost like glass. No kitties got sick. It was the best possible way to end the season.

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