Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Living on a boat isn't all sunshine and bikinis. Sure, there is lots of that. There is also real life and that means laundry. I'm one of the lucky ones. I have a washer and dryer onboard.
Yup, that's it. My washer AND my dryer. It's smaller than a typical home washer, perhaps a bit more stackable apartment-style size. It washes just fine. As for drying, well, not so much. It can take one hour to dry two dress shirts. Even if I ran the dryer 24 hours a day I don't think I could ever dry all of our clothes.

So, we go a bit old school. Bed, Bath and Beyond carries these fantastic clips.
They are just the right size for holding towels or sheets that are hanging on the bow rails.
Everything else dries on a rack at the helm station. With all the isinglass up there it turns into a greenhouse and everything dries quickly.
A few added benefits:
  • It's more eco-friendly to dry clothes this way.
  • Clothes last longer and don't shrink.
  • Sheets hung out to dry are soft and fresh.
The Boat Galley has a post on clothespins if you want a few more ideas on drying laundry.

As the weather gets colder life will change a bit. We don't carry enough water in our tank to do laundry onboard during the winter. So, it will be back to the marina office for laundry. But I will relish these last few weeks  of "easy" laundry.

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